Capital Market Development

Capital Market Development

Since its inception, CDC has been taking initiatives for the creation of an efficiently functional marketplace and making a remarkable difference to how it operates. From ensuring the smooth functioning of the market with steadfast operations to constant scrutiny of risk management processes and the resulting upgrades, the routine protocol practices and contingency planning rehearsals, to continuous investor awareness efforts, CDC has been the leading force in Capital Market development.

We have focused primarily on empowering the people, safekeeping their assets and investments and secondarily on the improvement of mechanisms and processes.

National Clearing and Settlement System (NCSS)

Formulated by the CDC management, National Clearing Company operates the National Clearing and Settlement System (NCSS), another capital market infrastructure mechanism, providing settlement and clearing facilitates to all three exchanges for trades in eligible securities.

Clearing and settlement are among the most important aspects in the operation of the securities business. It is the process of reporting, matching, correcting securities transactions and the ultimate delivery or receipt of net balances.

Formerly managed by the CDC management, NCCPL is registered as a separate legal entity and now independently manages the National Clearing and Settlement System (NCSS).

Investment Road Shows and Awareness Programs

With a vision for wide scale development of the Pakistani Capital Market and to educate investors throughout Pakistan, Central Depository Company launched a series of Investment Road Shows in 2005. These target-driven events transformed into a platform for the capital market leaders and executives to meet and interact with the investors and stakeholders. The road shows have become a channel in educating the investors about the workings of Pakistan Capital Market & investment opportunities and clearing misconceptions about associated risks.

The core objective of Central Depository Company through these programs is to provide comprehensive knowledge about Central Depository System, Account Maintenance and Value Added Services that help in managing and maintaining CDS accounts effectively. It also apprises the audience about their role and responsibilities as an investor.

Other than Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, where Investor Awareness Programs are more frequently arranged, CDC has organized Investment Road Shows in several other cities of Pakistan including Hyderabad, Sukkur, Daharki, Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad, Mirpur Azad Kashmir and Peshawar.

Similarly, CDC regularly conducts Awareness Programs for colleges and universities across the country to help educate their students about Pakistan Capital Market and the investment and job opportunities offered by it.

Capital Market Days

Apart from covering several local cities in Pakistan, CDC has taken the road shows to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in 2006 and held similar events in London (in collaboration with London Stock Exchange) and in New York (in collaboration with Citibank and The Bank of New York Mellon) in July 2007. These events by the name of Capital Market Days have played a key role in foreign-investor relationship development by enabling face-to-face dialogue between corporate entities and fund managers/institutional investors.