Legal Advisors and Associated Companies

Legal Advisors and Associated Companies

Legal Advisors

  • M/s. Ijaz Ahmed & Associates
    Advocates & Legal Consultants
  • M/s. Orr, Dignam & Co.
  • Advocates
  • M/s. A. K. Brohi & Co.
  • Legal Consultants & Advocates
  • M/s. Bawaney & Partners
  • Advocates & Investment & Corporate Advisers
  • M/s. Mandviwala & Zafar
  • Advocates
  • M/s. Mohsin Tayebaly & Co.
  • Corporate Legal Consultant / Barristers & Advocate
    High Courts & Supreme Court
  • M/s. Ahmed & Qazi
  • Advocates & Legal Consultants
  • M/s. Hassan Kaunain Nafees
  • Legal Practitioners & Advisors
  • M/s. Shah & Michael Law Firm
  • Advocate

Associated Companies and their website links

Company Website

Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited

ITMinds Limited

CDC Trustee Company Limited

eClear Services Limited

Siddiqsons Limited

Siddiqsons Tin Plate Limited

Siddiqsons Energy Limited

MCB Bank Limited

Tripple Tree Associates

Grays of Cambridge Pakistan

Pak China Investment Company Limited

LSE Financial Services Ltd.

National Bank of Pakistan

National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited

Shehzad Chamdia Securities Pvt. Ltd

Other undertakings


Avicenna School Pvt. Ltd

College Of Accounting & Management Sciences