Badiuddin Akber

Mr. Badiuddin Akber is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan and also holds the Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Karachi University. Mr. Akber has more than 18 years of diversified senior management experience in finance and operations and served as Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary and Chief Operating Officer in various renowned conglomerates in Pakistan like Dewan Mushtaq Group, Orion Group and National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited. He also served CDC in Legal & Compliance and Operations departments during the year 1998-2001. Prior to rejoining CDC in June 2015 as Chief Compliance & Risk Officer, he worked for the well-known packaging group ASG Shorewood Packaging-International Papers in Toronto as Senior Financial & Reporting Analyst.


Mr. Akber has demonstrated & extensive experience of Clearing & Settlement, Risk Management, Operations, Product Development and Project Management in the capital market. In the capacity of Chief Operating Officer at NCCPL, he played a key and instrumental role in the development of capital market of Pakistan by implementing various products & services viz- a-viz Revamped Capital Gain Tax Regime, Unique Identification Numbers (UIN), Institutions’ Risk Management System, Margin Trading System, Margin Financing System, Securities Lending & Borrowing, UIN Information System (UIS) and many more. He also served on various committees formed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and Stock Exchnges from time to time.


Mr. Badiuddin is also nominated as Chairman of the Oversight Committee formed by the Securities and Commission of Pakistan under Joint Inspection Regulations, 2015.


Mr. Akber also obtained training in US Securities & Exchange Commission and Bombay Stock Exchange-India on the Capital Market Operations. Attended various seminars and conferences in UK, Europe and Far-East countries on risk management, clearing & settlement and surveillance of capital market operations.